Academic Director

World Learning

Kathmandu, Nepal

Scope of Work

The Academic Director is responsible for the delivery and supervision of the academic program offered by SIT Study Abroad at its assigned program location. The Academic Director is responsible for ensuring program academic excellence and facilitating student learning experience in a safe and engaging environment. The Academic Director represents SIT Study Abroad in the program location and is responsible for developing and maintaining positive relationships with local partners.

The Academic Director must remain current in their particular areas of expertise and familiar with in-country issues and practices in higher education.

Key Responsibilities

1. Academic Management

  • General implementation, and delivery of the study abroad program;
  • Academic oversight;
  • Design and implement a thematic seminar, field methods and ethics course, and the independent study project course to achieve experiential learning outcomes related to the program theme;
  • Advise on matters regarding academic program delivery and scheduling;
  • Organize and deliver the students' initial cross-cultural orientation and components of the thematic course, in their areas of expertise, as appropriate;
  • Based on the designed program, facilitate student learning through classroom sessions, language instruction, field-based activities, and homestays;
  • Guide and advise students in both their cross-cultural learning processes and academic experiences - thus serving as an educator/teacher in the broadest sense by assisting students to draw substantive connections from among different aspects of the experience;
  • Where appropriate and in consultation with the Academic Dean, teach one or more of the academic components;
  • Work with the program staff and partners to ensure highest quality, field-based language instruction throughout the program experience;
  • Develop and implement, as needed, contingency and emergency action plans and, in collaboration with US-based student affairs colleagues, respond to student-related issues in a timely and professional manner;
  • Conduct the program review and academic evaluation at the end of the program;
  • Conduct academic evaluation of student progress and accomplishment of program learning outcomes, using established evaluation rubrics and submitting a rubric-based evaluation and narrative evaluation at the end of the program.

2. Program Development & Promotion

3. Supervise program staff

4. Other duties as assigned, such as

  • Representing SIT Study Abroad at professional conferences or meetings, as agreed;
  • Participating in SIT governance and visiting sending schools, when required.

Required Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in the program theme;
  • Graduate degree in a relevant academic discipline;
  • Academic and practical knowledge of the region;
  • College teaching and experience with U.S. undergraduates, especially in an experiential learning context, is desirable;
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, especially in the field of education or in project development and supervision in a field relevant to the program theme;
  • ADs must be attuned to the educational philosophy and expectations of SIT and possess both commitment to academic excellence and the personal leadership qualities required by the program. Among the latter are cultural sensitivity and adaptability; intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for challenge; tact and diplomacy in working with host nationals and American students; organizational ability; budget management skills; and computer literacy;
  • Effective written and oral communication skills in English and Nepali languages.

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