Head of Office

Head of Office

CRS - Catholic Relief Services

Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Primary Role:

The Head of Office in Bamiyan will work closely with a dynamic team of local and international staff and will be responsible for the efficiency and accountability of the administration unit, supervision of the Education and Livelihoods programs, and general management and oversight of the Bamiyan office. S/he will provide leadership in the management of the office, with a particular emphasis on administration, program quality, human resources, security, transport, procurement and external relations with government and other partners. S/he will work closely with the CR to build management systems and ensure programs are carried out with high quality. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing the professional capacity of local staff, promoting leadership and management roles for women, and partnership development.


General Support - Administration, HR and Operations:

  • Provide direct supervision to the senior support staff, including security, administration, transport/operations, human resources and procurement. Provide guidance/leadership in making systems efficient and transparent and creating an overall supporting environment.
  • Oversee the daily management of the Bamiyan office to ensure the integrity of the administration systems and procedures to assure compliance with accepted CRS standards.
  • Ensure the timely recruitment of highly qualified staff, in adherence to CRS recruitment policies and procedures.
  • Oversee implementation of daily finance management activities/systems in CRS Bamiyan to ensure accountability and transparency of office funds and assets/supplies.
  • Review CP policies and procedures, recommending changes as appropriate.
  • Ensure compliance with Government of Afghanistan rules and regulations including issues of taxation and reporting.
  • Ensure active staff participation in and completion of the entire CRS Performance Management cycle, including staff performance and development plants; coaching sessions and on-going feedback; and year-end evaluations/appraisals.
  • Actively participate in the APP process.

Security Management and Staff Safety/Staff Care

  • Proactively manage the security of all CRS staff in Bamiyan, regularly updating the CR on incidents and trends, consulting with senior Bamiyan staff and external stakeholders, and proposing adjustments to standard operating procedures and security posture as needed.
  • Ensure that all Bamiyan staff are aware of staff safety and security protocols, that systems are in place to ensure full compliance, that communication occurs on a daily basis, and that all staff accept responsibility for their respective roles in maintaining a proactive and effective security management plan.
  • Support the staff care and well-being of Program Managers and other international staff based in Bamiyan, ensuring access to quality facilities and living accommodation, as well as CRS-provided benefits and resources (R&R, home leave, Headington Institute).
  • Oversee the Bamiyan office staff care committee and ensure that staff care activities are addressing key needs that are identified through a consultative process involving all Bamiyan staff.

Program Supervision and Support:

  • Directly supervise the Education Program Manager and Livelihoods Program Manager for Bamiyan Province and ensure accountable, high quality programming.
  • Provide regular, quality coaching and supervision to Program Managers and support performance management of their respective teams.
  • Build a strong and effective communication and coordination bridge between program and support units.
  • Oversee and ensure timely and accurate reporting to institutional and private donors and relevant Afghan government ministries.
  • Support the CR, Head of Operations, Head of Programming, Education Coordinator, Livelihoods Coordinator, and Program Managers in developing effective country strategy plans for Afghanistan.

Leadership and Staff Development:

  • Guide and support programs, administration, finance, human resources and operations to be effective in the implementation of CRS activities per the organization's strategy and donor agreements.
  • Ensure CRS support staff professional development plans are collected for further review and analysis in order to strengthen the capacity of the organization to carry out its mission.
  • Lead the draft and implementation of yearly capacity building plans.

Coordination and Government Relations:

  • Work closely with the Head of Operations, Head of Programming, Education Coordinator, Livelihoods Coordinator, and Program Managers to ensure timely communication through reporting, good communication, and regular coordination meetings.
  • Maintain a strong and supportive working relationship with other Heads of Office in Ghor, Bamiyan and Kabul; foster an environment of shared learning and mutual support across the four offices of CRS Afghanistan.
  • Attend INGOs, UN and other meetings upon request.
  • Ensure timely submission of Ministry of Economy and other reports to relevant governmental departments with close coordination with the Head of Operations, CP Finance Manager, and Program Managers.
  • Attend government meetings on behalf of CRS management upon request.


  • Keep all documents and information related to CRS' program activities, personnel and development plans confidential.
  • Adhere to CRS' principles of confidentiality in relations to staff, partners, vendors and other stakeholders. Report to the management potential irregularities or any misbehavior that occurs.

Key Relationships:

  • Internal: Country Representative, Head of Operations, Head of Programming, Education PM II, Livelihood PM II, Heads of Offices, Program Managers, National Finance Manager and relevant support staff in Bamiyan, Kabul, Ghor, Daykundi and Bamiyan.
  • External: Government ministries, UN and INGO partners, and other stakeholders in Bamiyan.
  • Supervises: Senior Administrative Officers (2); Senior Finance Officer; Program Manager I - Education;
  • Program Manager I - Livelihoods


  • Advanced degree in International Development or related field.
  • A minimum of five years of work experience in developing countries with a good understanding of development issues.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing staff from diverse backgrounds.
  • Demonstrated experience in grant/proposal writing.
  • Strong knowledge of CRS admin/finance policies and procedures.
  • Strong sensitivity to local cultures.
  • Strong teamwork, coordination and strategic planning skills.
  • Research, analysis and excellent writing skills.
  • Ability to think strategically and innovatively.
  • Strong listening skills combined with excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural skills.
  • Ability to respond practically and operate successfully in difficult conditions.
  • Ability to be flexible, persistent and diplomatic and to gain respect among staff, local community leaders as well as local government ministries and donor organizations.
  • Dari language skills an asset

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