How to submit jobs to IntJobs

Normally organisations post their job vacancies on their own web pages, and then they need other channels as well for more publicity. E.g. print medias or the internet. IntJobs provides a great channel to reach online jobseekers.

There are three considerations for the recruiter before submitting a job to IntJobs:

  • Does the job fall within the IntJobs scope?
  • Is the job description posted on your website, or should it be posted directly on our website?
  • Should the job be highlighted in our listings to attract more attention?

1. Jobs within scope?

Qualifying jobs can be listed for free on IntJobs. See here more information. If a job posting does not fall within our basic job scope and our free posting model, we can still publish it on IntJobs.

We can list jobs that aren't in this scope for a modest charge. Please note we always charge for jobs submitted by recruitment agencies.

Submit your job here.

2. Post the job on your website, or on IntJobs?

We only list for free if the job ad is displayed on your website.
If the job is not already on your website, talk to your website administrator and HR department about whether you can list the job on your web site. If you can't create a web page quickly, we can do it for you - just send us the job details here.

If we create a premium web page for you, we will put your logo at the top of the page, and we will layout the page with all the information you supply. With a IntJobs custom web page:

  • Your logo will be prominently displayed;
  • The job ad will be linked to from our latest news and category pages on the web site, and inour newsletter;
  • The ad will displayed for four weeks.

There is a modest charge for creating a web page for your job ad: order a premium job ad here.

3. Urgent recruitment needs or wish to promote your organisation?

To get more visibility and responses to your job ad, IntJobs can highlight or promote the ad in our listings.

You can have your job ad highlighted with a logo and description to make it command attention in the job listings over the whole recruitment period.

You can also have your logo displayed next to the job description, which will draw attention from our large audience to your job and your organisation during the whole recruitment period.

For the recruiter who urgently needs intense promotion of one or several jobs, we can also display the job ad at the very top of the front page's job list - and they stay on top during the whole week! The recruiter can even advertise multiple jobs in such a single announcement, if needed. Email us for details.

If you wish to promote several jobs, or recruit for several skills, we can also offer a more detailed recruitment advertisement at the very top of the home page job listings.

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