Project Security Manager

Project Security Manager

Creative Associates International

Mogadishu, Somalia

Position Summary:

The Project Security Manager is responsible for the management of all project safety and security related matters, these includes but are not limited to the management and day to day coordination between the field team, represented by the Chief of Party (COP) or designate, and the security/life support providers. Security matters are inclusive of safety, living, including accommodation and leisure, and movement arrangements; as well as project communication about such arrangements with the field teams in Somalia and Creative’s headquarters. The Project Security Manager will have the overall responsibility to oversee and ensure a smooth operational integration between the Security/Life Support Sub Contractor standard operational procedures and the BUILD team tasks in Somalia (identification and swift reporting of any/all issues that could have a negative impact on the staff and the contract). He/she will also ensure a smooth professional working relationship so that the integration of operations and logistics support to ensure the BUILD objectives are met and that the security plans and procedures are regularly updated and in line with any changes in the security environment.

The Project Security Manager will be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the following security documents;

  • Security Assessments (as required, but no less than twice a year)
  • Crisis Response Plan (as needed and dictated by the situation on the ground)
  • Vetting Plan (as needed)
  • Information Security Plan (as needed)
  • All security assessments on venues, hotels and any other meeting place where BUILD staff may need to travel)

Reporting & Supervision:

The Project Security Manager will report to the COP, or designated official, in Somalia and maintain regular liaison with Creative headquarters in Washington, DC (project management team and security department). The Project Security Manager will be based in Mogadishu with occasional travel as required by the project. The Project Security Manager will support the field team, as required by the BUILD COP or designated official, in the management of day to day security, logistics and staff/vehicle movements as well as all other security/risk related tasks identified by the BUILD COP. S/he will directly supervise the security/life support contractor in Somalia. S/he will also serve as the main POC and liaison for all security related information and reporting within and from Somalia. The working language of the mission is English. As per the Creative Weapons Policy (Field Manual), the Project Security Manager’s role does not require the carriage or use of firearms.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and update project security documentation, conduct regular site vulnerability assessments of identified venues;
  • Provide daily updates of security developments and incidents for all field staff deployed in Somalia, including political context that may impact security;
  • Provide regular security analysis reports, reflecting trends and patterns;
  • Contribute to the project weekly and quarterly reports, as well as any other reports as required;
  • Provide timely risk management and security mitigation advice to the projects field staff represented by the COP;
  • Assist with the updates, implementation and maintenance of project security plans and procedures, evacuation, crisis management, medical or other risk - keeping field and HQ team appraised of any changes;
  • Provide in-country liaison and advice on all security related matters;
  • Using networks of local contacts, provide recommendations for changes including adaptation of Creative posture and approach to the management of risk and the need to relocate or switch providers;
  • Advise on local staff (work-related) and all expat staff travel in country, with specific input on routes, timings, and coordination during travel;
  • Manage and coordinate all Creative security and safety programs, plans and policies relevant to the project;
  • Provide security, safety and risk mitigation advice and recommendations to the COP;
  • Ensure that project staff comply with project security procedures;
  • Monitor and analyze the ongoing threat environment faced by the project, and brief the COP accordingly;
  • Manage and plan all movement of the expat staff, ensuring that all movements are coordinated;
  • Oversee movement control/staff tracking and co-ordination for project, including local staff. This will also include driver and vehicle deployment, and staff whereabouts;
  • Ensure all new employees and consultants receive appropriate security orientations and briefings ensuring that nobody is deployed to Somalia without a prior context appropriate security briefing;
  • Coordinate visitor access and vehicle control systems by the security provider, and ensure they are effective and appropriate for the threat environment and do not impede or threaten program implementation; and
  • Respond to requests from BUILD field team (including subs) and headquarters as needed.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Graduate of a Military or Police Academy, Bachelor level degree in risk/security management from an accredited university; or a relevant internationally recognized security accredited certification;
  • Membership of and/or qualification from a recognized security management institute or organization. Management of Risk (or similar) qualification preferred;
  • Five (5) years (minimum) experience of managing security for an International Non-Governmental Organization or Development Company within Fragile and Conflict-Affected States (FCAS), of which at least one year should be within Somalia;
  • Demonstrated experience of managing a security service provider within an FCAS environment, and a comprehensive knowledge of corporate compliance;
  • Demonstrated experience of updating and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures and ensuring these are reflected by the security provider; and
  • Able to strike balance between security and programming needs, demonstrates ability to provide security advice that still leaves reasonable room for programming.

Desired Skills & Qualifications:

  • First Person on Scene (or equivalent) first aid qualification, or higher;
  • Previous experience working with democracy and governance programming;
  • Previous experience interacting or working directly with civil society and government actors in a relevant context; and
  • Somali language is a plus.

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